This is a continuation of  my atzimmes.wordpress.com blog which I can no longer get into as I don’t use my old email addy.  Please forgive the too long absense but ill-health on my side and my hubby’s side and a crashed computer stood in the way!  I will continue this blog in the same vein as a tzimmes.  My laptop will need recharging before I get down to bussiness here, so look for me on Tuesday, the latest!


Marilyn aka Softa123 aka wxxifan


About wxxifan

I am a writer and recipe collector.
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2 Responses to A NEW BEGINNING…

  1. Fabio says:

    Hi Marillyn,Thanks so much for your excellent posts and for your replies to my short comments. We are in Melbourne to meet our son Dave who lives in NZ. We are also meeting my sister from Sao Paulo and her son Rodrigo. That’s our way to pass the holidays and to handle the problems of a very complex world. I am also finding strength in religion. I will take an introduction course on Judaism starting this January. I think that the structure, history, customs, and sense of community of Judaism will fill my current aspirations. Thanks so much, my friend! Last, but not least, I also do love chocolate!

    • wxxifan says:

      Fabio, I wish I was in Melbourne with you. Australia is my dream location to travel to, so please take lots of your great photos. Would love one with a koala bear! They are so cute! I would love to be able to travel, but, unfortunately, it’s not in the cards, at least not for a while. If you have any questions about Judaism, let me know. I am not an expert by any means, but I can give you my point of view. I was brought up as a traditional conservative Jew and that is what I somewhat practice. I love chocolate too. I miss the days when I hand-painted it!!! Happy New Year, My Friend!

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