Chocolate-to-the-Max Cake

This cake is a true work of art. Had to share this find with all of you!

Make My Day Creative

Chocolate-to-the-Max Cake for a chocolate lover's birthday Chocolate-to-the-Max Cake for a chocolate lover’s birthday

Sorry in advance if you were on a diet.

Cake is a big priority in my husband’s life.  The fact that I can bake may well be the reason he married me…  His grandfather used to say to him “Marry a woman who can cook and you’ll always be happy”.  Not unsound advice for someone who loves food.  When I asked what he wanted for his birthday the response was “Can I have a cake please?” – as if there was ever a possibility that there may not be cake!

Those of you who love a straight up chocolate cake will be in heaven with this post.  Unadulterated chocolate was the request.  Having gone somewhat overboard with last year’s cake – chocolate brownie with white chocolate cheesecake – I had to get my thinking cap on as to how to better it.

Chocolate-to-the-Max Cake for a chocolate lover's birthday Chocolate-to-the-Max…

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3 Responses to Chocolate-to-the-Max Cake

  1. Fabio says:

    Belated happy birthday to your husband, Marilyn! I do love cakes as well and this one that you are presenting seems to be delicious. Best to you and your family! Love, Fabio

  2. wxxifan says:

    Fabio, looks like I posted this to the wrong blog! LOL…It was the other blogger’s husband’s birthday cake…thus the 30. My darling hubby is 84! LOL I have baked him a couple of birthday cakes in the past, but unfortunately not for the past few years. Now I get him to buy one for himself or for me. Love, Marilyn

  3. Fabio says:

    Hello Marilyn, sorry for the misunderstanding! Cakes are so delicious! Especially when accompanied with coffee or tea. Tomorrow will be our last day in Melbourne. We will fly to Sydney on Saturday. We are really enjoying everything.this is a great country! All the best to you, your husband, and the entire family! Love, Fabio

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